World Teacher – Chapter 30

Aaaand I’m back. So, yeah, I know, there is no chapter 29, I’m just posting this because I might not have any internet for the next few days, and that’s probably when 29 will be available on Aori’s website. That being said, I am working on chapter 31, and on some other novel as well and I don’t really need the internet for that, I’ll also be getting my new pc next week and that will really contribute to my speed and whatnot. By the way, I have edited the chapter as best as I could but I was offline back then, I don’t know if it’s been saved, I’ll check it out right now, but please still do tell me if you find any problems with the names and whatever, after all, it’s 3 in the morning here, I’m kinda dead. Also, I’ve been trying to perfect my English in the last few weeks (It’s my fourth Language so I still need to learn), I learned Idioms and whatnot, tried to apply some, tell me what you think, I’ll stop if it’s awful.

And I know some want to ask why I wasn’t here, but I did say I wouldn’t be, I don’t want to make articles for these kind of things ’cause I want the website to stay neat, which is why I usually just write it in the comments or the chat or whatever. I had exams, and then my government pushed them further and again and so I couldn’t get the chapter by June. And I’m always busy in July, especially since I’ll be in college next year and there is a lot of paperwork to do. I was waiting for chapter 29, too, but now I can’t really, and that’s all there is to it.

One last thing, I didn’t get to do it before so, I’d like to thank the people who donated for the previous chapters, TJ, ABY, ITYL, AP, and KP, you’re awesome guys!

Well, that’s it for me, here is chapter 30 of World Teacher, hope you’ll enjoy it.

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World Teacher – Chapter 28

Chapter 28 of world Teacher, it’s been a while guys.

So, why so much delay on my part, well, I tried to work on chapter 13 and 8 and some advanced chapters, I pointlessly translated chapter 25 and I translated part of chapter 27, so there you go, also, It’s a very important year at school. I did this chapter since I’m on vacation and I’ll start working on chapter 30 now, why did it take me 6 days to do the chapter? Well, a shitty internet, an awfully hard chapter, Daredevil season 2, and the office, are the answers. By the way, I’m going to put a twitter widget so that all my tweets will appear on the website and my updates will be more obvious to see.

I’ve also put a donation page and it works well despite being a “buy now” page, because I’m in Algeria and I can’t have a donation page, also, there is a pretty neat photoshop montage there. (It took me an hour of my life)
Speaking of that, I’d like to thank my three donors, KP, AP and IT, it’s nice to get support with my translations 🙂 (Not going to mention your names unless you tell me that I can because, you know, it’s your choice)
If you can’t find the chapters before this one, just check the table of contents page.
I haven’t really edited this chapter yet but it should be readable.
Well, here is chapter 28 of World Teacher, enjoy!

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World Teacher – Chapter 24

For chapters 21-22-23, you can go here:

Happy holidays everyone!

So, first things first, sorry for being extremely late, but it really wasn’t my fault this time, couldn’t translate for a month, then there were exams and stuff, and this chapter wasn’t all that easy.
Now, the more important thing, contrarily to Aori, I’ll be calling Sirius, “Sirius Sensei” in my translations, in other words, his family name is Sensei, you might think it will get confusing but no, the author never really uses that word except when speaking of Sirius’ name, and I always write “teacher” anyway so no need to worry about that, but Aori wrote Teacher because that’s that’s literally what’s written so do note that calling him “sensei” is a personal choice ’cause I don’t know many synonyms for teacher and his intention was to use a foreign word in the first place so I’m doing the same, unless the author was intending the pun “Serious teacher”, but whatever. For those who don’t know, Sensei means teacher in English, although most of you probably knew that.
Anyway, here is chapter 24 (Not yet edited by Guest04) of World Teacher, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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World Teacher – Chapter 20

See? It doesn’t always take a month, c’mon.
So this chapter was first done by Aori, who’ll be helping me from now on, I was supposed to edit it and proof read it, but frankly that kind of work just doesn’t suit me, I started and got bored real fast. And since my internet stopped working (like it did for most people in Algeria) and I had the raws on my pc, I decided to redo the whole thing. I had basically finished a little while ago already, but then I thought I had lost the text and I just gave up on this… which is when I found out that I could read previous texts, if only I had figured that from before…

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World Teacher – Chapter 19

So, chapter 19
Well, I’ll warn you, this is not edited at all, I’m going to take a shower, I’ll edit it afterwards as good as I can, then my editor will do his thing.
Personal note, it seems to me like the author is stealing names from other franchises, we know Air Slash is from Pokemon, you’re not fooling anyone author, tsk tsk tsk
Before starting, small question for the readers: Is it a bad thing to write “you” in the narration in this kind of stories? I mean like, writing “This is the type of attack you can’t defend against” instead of “This is a type of attack that can’t be defended against.” for example, like, is using “you” a sort of shortcut that should be avoided? It may be a dumb question but I’m not a native speaker so I don’t know, I usually just avoid writing “you”.
One last thing, for those interested, I’ve added the pictures from the light novel to the previous chapters, that is on chapter 5, 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, and 18. I was given those pictures by Framee, thank you again.
Well, with that said, here is chapter 19, I hope you’ll enjoy it

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World Teacher – Chapter 18

Late? What do you mean by that?
Anyway, not much to say except that the illustrations from the light novel are out, though the novel came a month later than it should have, like a certain translation, anyway, I’ll be putting the links tomorrow, or tonight, who knows? In the meantime, you can find those illustrations by scrolling through the chat, between two fights, yaaay!
It is not edited yet as my editor is busy with whatever he’s doing, I’ll edit it later tonight, also, if you see a sentence that doesn’t mean anything, please signal it to me, it probably means that I forgot to translate it…
Last thing, for those of you who aren’t registered on wordpress and don’t know how to see when new chapters come up, you can simply register on wordpress and follow this page or just subscribe to my Twitter, I have one (though I don’t really know how to use it) and I note all the updates there, well, there are websites made for that too but I’m talking to the ones who don’t go on those websites regularly.
Well, here is chapter 18 of World Teacher, I hope you’ll enjoy it, ’cause I did.

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World Teacher – Chapter 17

Alright, just two things to say, the “curse child” is the child who’s cursed, I’ll call the curse in itself the “child-curse”, because it’s necessary to separate them in English contrarily to Japanese.
Second thing is that I won’t be putting the author’s note because it was a fake announcement, and I can’t do to you guys since I’m “kind of” slower than the author…. kind of….

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