World Teacher – Chapter 16

Remember Reus is a kid, and he sometimes talks in a weird immature way, I’m sure you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive him. (or not)
Also, I know we call a teacher “Sensei” in japanese, but nobody ever says that in the story despite what you might think, to say teacher they say “shishō” which is a little different. There is a reason for that, not anything really important but you’ll see.
By the way, I’ll put the author’s notes from now on since some people asked for them, you’ll find them at the end of the chapters and they’re usually really mundane, as the author said himself, and there rarely is any important stuff there but do check it out.

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World teacher – Chapter 15

Chapter edited by myself and Guest04

I had written a huge thing here, but I’ll shorten it in one sentence: Sometimes, I’ll slightly change a sentence if I feel that it’s weird when translated accurately, that’s because Japanese and English are two separate languages and a lot of things just don’t really make sense or sound very unnatural when translated too accurately.

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World teacher – chapter 14

Chapter 14 of World teacher, I guess there is not much to say. Well, there is that, you know, sometimes I write “mhm” it’s supposed to express an agreement like Fumu and stuff “mhm” and “hmm” are not the same thing, I wanted to make that clear just in case because I don’t really want to use the japanese onomatopoeia. Also, sometimes I write “nee-san” and “onee-san” and sometimes I just write “elder sister”, but it’s the same. Also, I know the medical explanation in the middle is not perfectly accurate and I had some difficulty translating it because of that, I know that scars do disappear over time and that scar tissue does replace itself with itself, well, whatever.
Also, Emilia has a shit load of weird particles, a lot of desu, tsu and others, but that can’t be translated so I’ll just try to project the feeling they’re supposed to give in her dialogues.
Also, want to clarify this here, I do not use third person in a direct dialogue… I mean, for example, if Dee talks to Sirius and tell him “Sirius-sama didn’t miss the target” I’ll change it to “you didn’t miss the target, Sirius-sama.” or “You didn’t miss the target”, well, all you have to know is that everyone is very very very respectful toward him, except for Lior, he doesn’t give a damn (He does talk to him respectfully but not politely)… and Noel is also a little less respectful than the others but that’s because she’s dumb.
Oh and, if you want chapter 13, you can go check the mtl on baka-tsuki, Nexus was supposed to translate that but he felt it was useless since 20 other persons translated it for some reason, organize yourselves people, tsk tsk tsk

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World Teacher – Chapter 12

Late, again… have I ever been not late? Anyway, I’m sorry guys but here it is, finally….
I changed the name of the Aldorado continent to the Adroad continent. That’s how it’s supposed to be written from what I’ve seen. (Eldorado does sound better though)
Oh, and, sometimes you may notice that I make Lior use a more simple language than the others, that’s because it’s the way it is in the story, he’s an old-man but he’s not a noble nor is he cultivated.
About the radar power (search), I switch between the word “signals” and “presences” but it’s the same, it just means that it detects living things.
Last thing, the author edited the ninth chapter so I fixed the changes in my translation, you should check it out since it’s completely changed.
Also, chapter edited by Guest04
Well, here is chapter 12 of World Teacher, enjoy!

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World Teacher – Chapter 11

Sorry, I’m late, I was sick, I had some studying to do and I was sick and I had exams and I didn’t chose the right time to start translating this series, but, well, I hope you’ll enjoy this anyway 🙂
By the way, tell me it you’d like me to use more japanese expressions, like, “tdaiama” “Okaerinasai” “Hai” etc…
I changed the name of the old-man from Raioru to Lior, maybe you guys won’t like it but that’s how it translated apparently (Here my (bad?) sources: 1 2 ) it could also be Laguiole (a sort of knife) but I’ll stick with Lior for now.

The discontent teacher 
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World teacher – chapter 9

Edit: This is the new version of chapter 9 which differs greatly from the original one, you should check it out

Chapter 9 of world teacher, here it is and it’s pretty late, well, sorry about that but I was way busier than expected these last few days, I couldn’t really help it and this chapter was really hard to translate, even harder than chapter 7 (screw you chapter 7) ’cause there is a shit load of talking (I’m pretty bad at translating that) and I had to reread the whole thing every five lines to know who is talking to who, what mistakes I made etc..

Btw, I’d like to thank GuestNumber4 (Kai) who helped me with the translation by the end of the chapter, he’ll be helping me from now on.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter ’cause I sure did, also, as always, if you see any mistakes, please report them in the comments, I’m still new to this and I know my chapters aren’t perfect but I’d be glad to make them better with your help.

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