World teacher – chapter 7

Someone already did it, but it needed a lot of editing and he skipped way too many things and added a lot of things from his head as well, since I have no idea how to contact the guy, I’m just doing my own translation.

Also, I’m sorry but I’ve been really busy, and since I was pretty late with this chapter, I tried to rush it so the quality probably dropped, it should be understandable and I won’t have this problem with the next chapter so don’t worry. Also, I kinda tried to reread it and fix it, and I did it, but I had a problem with chrome, and the page got close and I hadn’t saved… basically, I just fixed whatever I remembered ’cause I’m kinda angry right now, I lost an hour of my life, I’ll fix it again tomorrow, I’m way too tired now, I don’t feel like converting kg to pounds all that stuff again.
Anyway, here goes chapter 7, last chapter of volume 1, I hope you’ll enjoy it, when you notice a mistake, please report it in the comments, I’d really appreciate it.

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world teacher – chapter 6

I apparently posted the chapter 6 by accident while I was still doing the translation, oups. Well, it’s fixed, sorry about that, I’m still not all that good with wordpress.

All right, chapter 6 today, I tried to do it fast but I bought the witcher 2 recently, and between my life (lel), The Witcher and the translations, it’s hard to find the right balance. I wanted to post it sooner but I got really caught up in my game and I got that new phone that I…

Also, I’m switching from Elina to Elena and from Noeru to Noel as well. It sounds better imo.

Anyway, chapter 6, I hope you’ll enjoy it and as always, you’re welcome to report the mistakes I made, and since this one was really annoying to translate, you’ll probably find a bunch of those mistakes, the next chapters are better so this won’t happen again, don’t worry.

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