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World Teacher – Chapter 28

Chapter 28 of world Teacher, it’s been a while guys.

So, why so much delay on my part, well, I tried to work on chapter 13 and 8 and some advanced chapters, I pointlessly translated chapter 25 and I translated part of chapter 27, so there you go, also, It’s a very important year at school. I did this chapter since I’m on vacation and I’ll start working on chapter 30 now, why did it take me 6 days to do the chapter? Well, a shitty internet, an awfully hard chapter, Daredevil season 2, and the office, are the answers. By the way, I’m going to put a twitter widget so that all my tweets will appear on the website and my updates will be more obvious to see.

I’ve also put a donation page and it works well despite being a “buy now” page, because I’m in Algeria and I can’t have a donation page, also, there is a pretty neat photoshop montage there. (It took me an hour of my life)
Speaking of that, I’d like to thank my three donors, KP, AP and IT, it’s nice to get support with my translations 🙂 (Not going to mention your names unless you tell me that I can because, you know, it’s your choice)
If you can’t find the chapters before this one, just check the table of contents page.
I haven’t really edited this chapter yet but it should be readable.
Well, here is chapter 28 of World Teacher, enjoy!

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